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  • Rapiscan Systems Security solutions
  • AS&E Security solutions
  • Cobalt Light Systems Systems for inspecting liquids, powders and gels
  • Advanced Detection Technology Bottom side inspection systems
  • Motion06 Baggage handling systems
  • Tensator Tape barriers
  • Kusch+Co Benches and lounge seating
  • Evans NKI Airport furniture
  • АСПЕКТ Security solutions
  • Radio physics Remote threat detection systems
  • Южполиметалл-Холдинг Detectors of explosives, narcotics, dangerous chemicals and biological agents
  • Hikvision Thermal imaging systems
  • Группа компаний “ЦРТ” Identification and authentication systems
  • A8 Sports Production Sport events production
  • Scamatic Automation processes equipment
  • Renful Premier Technologies Education programmes
  • OCS Checkweighers Security solutions
  • InfoGate Information Systems Info kiosks
  • Energetics Technology Blast protected litter bins
  • ECOS Security Intelligent storage systems
  • Ассоциация «Транспортная безопасность» Transport Security Association